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Hey lovely,

So glad your here & i'm super excited to hear all about your big plans and to create you something truly special.
I guarantee to have you feeling out of this world in something that is a bit of you and something you wont find & wont fit like anywhere else.
Together we will create something that you will make thee best memories in, memories & feelings that will stay with you forever.
I will listen to all your desires & dislikes, and we will cover shapes, details, colours, fabrics & details, no stone left unturned.
With your ideas and our expertise you will be surprised how quickly your dream piece comes together as we build it out with mockups and live designing.

Ready for a live Luxe Designing Experience?
Ok lets do this. Ekk! Super excited.

Big Loves, Melissa XoXo

Whilst there is no obligation to go ahead with your order, we do ask you respect our time & designs and understand that all designs are owned by The Glambassadors™
therefore should not be shared with anyone else to replicate.
We do not charge for our Design Consultations to welcome everyone into our Design Studio to have the best possible Luxe Experience and get the most suited piece possible.
However, it is best to understand before booking that our Bespoke Designs start at £150+.
Should you just require a few minor changes to a style from our Collections this can be arranged via getting in touch on email, live chat or via our social pages.
This isn't to say your not welcome to have a Design Consultation should you prefer to go over amends in greater detail, we would love to meet you.
Thank You.