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As I've previously mentioned I'm pretty bad at sharing what i'm upto when in the moment, just down to having too much fun, not because I didn't want to. I'm now that person who usually forgets to take photos on a night out - and believe me that wasn't always the case!   #letmetakeaselfie 

So, i've finally got round to collating the season so far to give you all some insight into what ive been upto at GBHQ ("My Garage").

Going forward I am going to commit to doing this once a month to keep you guys uptodate and ultimately get you as excited as I get on new collections & projects.


2019 so far has included....


This was an amazing collaboration with 'lots' of other small businesses to start the year off right and help someone keep their glow in the winter months. The winner was the gorgeous @emmacarr_ on instagram who shared a video receiving her box on 4th Jan!

Incredible brands that were in the box where:

thelushlash1 fabulash_official star_tanning_uk stellasalon_mirror dustydaisy_ coffeeandkin LeadingAesthetics quirkyhippo petalsandprosecco 

Luxury Glam Glowbox Giveaway




I loved this shoot! I teamed up with the gorgeous model @thesharonandrea @fabulash_official Luxury lashes and @lauraleanneandco and set up studio in the lovely LeanneLaura&Co salon it was the perfect setting for what I wanted to achieve with my red white and nude swimwear! 

I shot the images myself using my iPhone and they came out pretty good to be fair 🙌🏻😂 (see separate blog post here)

Whilst many glossy businesses may appear big, sleek and professional - this one isn't, its literally just me 😬 




This was a project I set up to help give other small businesses a platform to showcase their products to my customers. The brands selected in particular were fitting with my brand and we’re glam/luxury products in particular that I knew my customers would love.

Some of the amazing brands I collabs with have already been mentioned however others are:

GLAM ROCKS BOUTIQUE (a biz bestie of mine & queen of slogan tees)

CREME DE LA CROWN (amazing luxe bows for you and your girls)

GEMMA HILL (the prettiest satin sets ive ever seen)

JAVA SPIRIT (an array of gorgeous beachwear & bags)

RUBIE LOCKS (some pretty cool embellished sweats)

VANESSA HALO DESIGNS (mega twinkly headbands & jewels)

ZAZA & CRUZ (thee most amazing lip balm & facial oil evaaaa)

_DISTRESSED DOLLZ (the funkiest designer inspired tees)

Admittedly this is something I dont have the time to continue to grow without a team but it’s still online and I will 💯 pick it back up at somepoint and continue to grow to give more small businesses a platform!



This was something I’ve always thought about but choosing which one, start when, for how long etc where all the questions that stopped me. So this summer I did it and I’ve managed to build some great influencer / celeb relationships from it and some great opportunity including LOVEISLAND and Ibiza Weekender product requests!










This event came about through meeting with an old business acquaintance that was in my area @starluxurytanning. So a catch up one Friday afternoon lead to months of planning this fabulous event all in aid of MelanomaUK.

Again, I collaborated with some amazing small businesses as seen on the below sponsor banner. We had a talk from the amazing Angelica Fenny talking about her experiences, lack of confidence and how she is now a diversity ambassador! Just amazing!!

Star Tanning & myself put on an amazing swimwear catwalk show using 10 local diverse models from local towns who were all sprayed with star products in advance to show how good fake tans are today and sinned are no longer a requirement to have that all year round glow. There was also a luxury prize raffle that helped contribute to ticket sales proceeds on the evening!

Great event for a super important cause and I once again broadened my network with other small businesses. 

The event was also covered by several press including His&Hers Mag.

 Other businesses/ people that really contributed to the event were:

Angelica Fenney - Guest Speaker

Denise Onana (aka KateMossalike) - Guest Model

Harlow Events - Event Decorators (flower wall/flowers)

Ruby & Harry - Event Decorators (balloons)

Nico-la Fleur - Box Flowers, Hair Stylist

TansbyJade - Spray Tans

Models: Lydia, Jade, Sharon, Ellie, Kayla, Hannah, Grace, Charlotte

MUAs: Flamingo Boulevard Bridal, SharonAndreaMakeup




Woo! This platform has been great, extra sales and exposure, definitely something to replicate on more platforms next year!! 

Watch this space!



As nerve racking as it is putting out a new collection that you've been building up to for months the feeling of relief when you get good feedback makes it all worth it. And this collection did not disappoint!

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And so we come to today preparing to launch the latest collection this weekend that I shot with the incredible (inside & out) @mollykrenz_

She was a dream to work and absolutely rocked every single outfit! (and there were ALOT! 💯 sport!)

THe sneakpeek feedback so far has been the best yet! I can’t wait to get it launched now!

Make Up: Blush / LUSHLASH lashes

Photographer: Owenjuice


SOOO... watch this space (& sign up to our VIP list to see / hear first when it goes live and get VIP discounts / offers and sneakpeeks on future news too!

Inbetween all of that I've also had to squeeze in a bit of life admin and event planning including... my little boys 3rd birthday, my hubby-to-be's surprise weekend getaway, 2wks of family fun in Ibiza, hubby bestman speech & wedding weekend away, friend circle new babies, supporting homeless charity "HOMELESS HOUSE' (which you will be seeing and hearing more about in the coming months), home extension and probably lots more I cant even remember haha!

Well lovelies, that a wrap (as they say), I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up on my SS19 season so far! It’s been a very busy but thrilling one!

And I CANNOT wait to see (& show you) what will be coming next at GBHQ! 

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Melissa xoxo





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