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Hey Glamfam, Old & New! Welcome! 🙋🏼‍♀️💫

Ok, so there have been a lot of you join our GLAMFAM since my last blog post, (I actually wrote one in lockdown May2020, but didn’t post it 🤦🏼‍♀️), so thought I’d do a little ‘hello’ post and get some blogging updates going again! 

Where to start, well firstly I'm a mum to my gorgeous boy Grayson, fiancee to Paul, and from a loving family of 8 (6 kids, 2 parents) 💙 oh and I live in Liverpool. 

Aside from my love of this business (& you lovely lot) I’m a huge lover of the outdoors, that includes camping and walking, also definitely warmer climates.

I'm definitely a girls girl for sure, loyalty & promise means the world, and I truly believe life is for living! Work intentionally! *TIP: know exactly what the cash is for (not just bills) have it planned, the costs of everything you would like to do with it, and focus on enjoying it when it comes!

I've always loved fashion, original style, details & quality products and thats (above with all of the above) is what I aim to bring to everything we do at GB.
Through a fashion degree and almost 20 years industry experience I always knew my path would lead me to my own brand of some sort where I could truly serve my Glamfam and not trade their personal experience for business growth. Real wealth isn’t money, it’s a good feeling.

I believe all this is possible! 💫💫💫

All I ever envisioned for GB is unfolding in front of my eyes week by week, month by month. To offer unique designs that have my clients oozing with not only confident but self love, reowning their power and going after what it is they want from life!

To continue to make a living through sharing not only Luxurious, Glamorous and Unique Swim / Occassionwear but a mix of positivity, life balance tips, health & nutrition alongside, to help shine light on how truly amazing my Glamfam is, would be a dream come true! 🙏🏻💫

BIG Love, always,

Melissa XoXo

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