STAR Melanin Enhancing Tanning Mousse - 200ml
STAR Melanin Enhancing Tanning Mousse - 200ml

STAR Melanin Enhancing Tanning Mousse - 200ml

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Our Harley Street approved Tanning Mousse range does not have any chemical dyes in them, therefore the shades are as true as they can be, unlike other brands where your skin is actually dyed by chemicals.

Our Mousse is available in 3 shades. The STAR blend is completely UNIQUEand works differently to other brands to guarantee you the most natural colour and best results for your skin.  Even for the palest of skin tones, we have the perfect tan for you.

You apply the tanning mousse using a tanning mitt.  One coat is plenty; there is no need for "double coating".  To do so will give false results and may even overload the skin with product, causing the tan to crack.  As your skin can only absorb 13.8% of pure DHA safely (the ingredient that helps to give your skin colour), anything more than this can and will cause the tan to crack on the surface of the skin. 

The mousse should be showered off after 8 hours until the water runs clear.  After showering the residue off, you will see your own melanin producing and your skin tone will even out over the next hour or so to give you the perfect tan.

Choose between our Juicy or Watermelon scents.


To Apply:

Please gently exfoliate your skin, then apply the mousse evenly over your face and body.

Colouring is instant and will further develop over a period of 8 hours. To avoid discolouration of finger and toe nails, a light coating of nail varnish is advisable pre tan. Wash palms with soap immediately after application. Star Tanning Mousse contains no sunscreens. Avoid contact with water for at least 8 hours after application.

After tanning application dark clothing is advisable to avoid discolouration of some fabrics. Avoid contact with eyes, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Always patch test on an unexposed area of skin if you have not used the product before.


Returns are to be advised within 14days of receipt with no sign of use.

Postage is non refundable.